Computer Programming II

University of Washington, Spring 2020

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Kevin Lin

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Mar 28

Welcome to CSE 143!

My name is Kevin. I’m very excited to be your instructor this quarter, and I hope that you’re staying safe and helping people around you to stay safe during these unprecedented times.

As members of the university, we have an especially great responsibility to take care of the world in the coming months and beyond. One of the ways we can help is by learning as much as we can so that we maximize our contributions to the world. I want to challenge us to improve ourselves and support each other as much as we can within and beyond this course.

Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Visit and bookmark the course website, All information and assignments will be posted on the website. We won’t use Canvas for information or assignments.
  2. Explore the ed online learning platform. Ask questions about the course in ed Discussion. We’ll cover the first ed Lesson in lecture on Monday. Lessons will be posted in advane so you can work on them at your own pace.
  3. If you can participate in lectures or quiz sections, sign into UW Zoom and test your internet connection by joining a test meeting. Only authenticated UW Zoom users can join class meetings.

All scheduled lecture meetings will take place in the CSE 143 virtual classroom, an always-open UW Zoom meeting. Join the virtual classroom whenever you want to collaborate with other students. Quiz section will begin Tuesday. I’ll share more details about how to join your online quiz section on Monday night.

I’m also hosting a preview section 10:30–11:20 AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the virtual classroom. The preview section is another opportunity to work on ed Lessons with students and staff. I encourage you to attend if you can’t or prefer not to participate in the 12:30 PM or 2:30 PM lecture meetings. There will also be other opportunities to collaborate with TAs and students starting the second week of class.

If you can’t participate in some of the online class meetings, make sure to complete the corresponding ed Lessons. Since lectures and quiz sections will only cover the ed Lessons, they won’t be recorded. Instead, supplementary lecture videos will be posted on the course calendar.



1 Arrays

Mar 30

Welcome to CSE 143; ArrayList

Video • BJP 10.1

Mar 31

Section ArrayList

Apr 1

Implementing ArrayIntList

BJP 15.1

Apr 2

Section ArrayIntList

Apr 3

More ArrayIntList; pre/post conditions; exceptions

BJP 4.4, 15.1, 15.2

AST 1 out Letter Inventory

2 Linear Collections

Apr 6

Lists; sets; for-each loop

BJP 10.1, 11.2

Apr 7

Section Bad ArrayIntList

Apr 8

Stacks and queues

BJP 14

Apr 9

Section Stacks and queues

AST 1 due Letter Inventory

Apr 10

Arrays of objects; interfaces

BJP 9.5

AST 2 out Guitar Hero