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Computer Programming II

University of Washington, Spring 2020

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Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin he/him

Preview Section: 10:30–11:20a MWF

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May 22

20 Questions

20 Questions is out! In this assessment, we’ll be using binary trees to play a guessing game with the computer. Beyond the context of this course, decision trees are a simple but surprisingly powerful tool for classification tasks in machine learning (e.g. Not Hotdog).

We’ll be wrapping up the core content of the course on Wednesday. While lecture class meetings will end after class Wednesday, our TAs will continue hosting quiz sections to work on guided projects in class and learn a bit about developing your own programming projects. The lesson on Friday is still required since it’s an important reflection on the power to program the world, but lessons marked for next week are completely optional.

Remember to apply to be a TA by noon Saturday!



9 Information

May 26

Section Comparable

Ext Brain Binary Trees

May 27

Huffman coding; what’s next

VideoSlides • BJP 9.1, 9.2

AST 8 out Huffman Coding

May 28

Section Project

AST 7 due 20 Questions

May 29

Programming the world


10 Applications

Jun 1

ArrayIntList; iterators; resizing

Video • BJP 15.3



IntList case study

Video • BJP 9.5, 9.6


VideoSlides • BJP 18.1

Getting a software job (CSE 373)


Jun 2

Section Project

Jun 4

Section Project

AST 8 due Huffman Coding