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Computer Programming II

University of Washington, Spring 2020

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Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin he/him

Preview Section: 10:30–11:20a MWF

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Jun 2

Where we stand

In solidarity with the sentiment shared by members of our community and beyond, I wanted to highlight a message (forwarded below) from Magda that I found particularly timely and powerful. I believe that education doesn’t just end with what we learn in the classroom but is necessarily about our identity, about how we want to change, about our community, and about how we want our community to change. So I want to reiterate an important course policy and invite students affected by the situation to do what’s best for yourself first. This may involve putting academics on hold, however close we are to completion, because today demands our undivided attention.

We recognize that our students come from varied backgrounds and can have widely-varying circumstances. If you have any unforeseen or extenuating circumstances that arise during the course, please do not hesitate to contact the instructor in office hours, via email, or private post to discuss your situation. The sooner we are made aware, the more easily these situations can be resolved. Extenuating circumstances include work-school balance, familial responsibilities, religious observations, military duties, unexpected travel, or anything else beyond your control that may negatively impact your performance in the class.

Beyond the course, the university has many people who can help.



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Jun 1

No BS CS Career Talk


Getting a software job (CSE 373)

VideoCareer Guide

ArrayIntList; iterators; resizing

Video • BJP 15.3



IntList case study

Video • BJP 9.5, 9.6


VideoSlides • BJP 18.1

Jun 2

Section Project

Jun 4

Section Project

AST 8 due Huffman Coding