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CSE 143: Computer Programming II, Winter 2009

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Final Exam:

Extra credit artwork:

icon Alyssa, icon Brian, icon Charlotte, icon Daniel, icon Jake, icon Janet, icon Jeff, icon Kasey,
icon Jordan B, icon Kelly, icon Kim, icon Lisa, icon Logan, icon Marisa, icon Morgan, icon Robert,
icon Ryan, icon Stefanie H, icon Steven W, icon Sylvia, icon Whitaker

Score Distribution: Score Averages by Question (uncurved):
As 98 26%
Bs 120 31%
Cs 87 23%
Ds 45 12%
Question Average
q1 (inheritance/polymorphism) 13.7 / 15
q2 (inheritance and comparable) 11.1 / 15
q3 (linked list programming) 9.9 / 15
q4 (searching and sorting) 13.0 / 15
q5 (binary search trees) 14.49 / 15
q6 (binary tree programming) 7.3 / 10
q7 (binary tree programming) 9.2 / 15


The final exam follows the same regrade policy as the midterm exam (see below). A cover sheet and Practice-It output is required for a final exam regrade. You can slide your final under Marty's office door (CSE 466) with the proper cover sheet(s) attached. Regrades will be accepted through the end of the first week of Spring 2009 quarter.

Sample Exams:

We strongly suggest that you try to solve all of these problems yourself, on paper, without a computer, and without looking at the answer key until you're done.

The questions on the final exam will be the following. Each question will be worth between 10-20 points:


Score Distribution: Score Averages by Question (uncurved):
Question Average
q1 (stacks/queues) 13.7 / 19
q2 (sets/maps) 9.0 / 15
q3 (linked list nodes) 12.5 / 15
q4 (linked list programming) 6.6 / 20
q5 (recursive tracing) 11.0 / 15
q6 (recursive programming) 6.5 / 15

Regrade Policy:

If your exam score was added up incorrectly, take it to your TA and they'll fix it for you.

If you disagree with the grading, such as if you think your solution actually does work, or that your solution is more nearly correct than it was given credit for, the procedure for regrades is the following:

Sample Exams:

Rules and Information: