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All Assignments are due before class on the day shown.




Due Today

Jan 3

Lec: Introduction, Orientation, The Plan Slides

Assignment 1

Precourse Survey [External Survey; LS won't see results]

Jan 4

Lab: "What I value" writing exercise; FTP

Lab 1


Jan 5

Lec: Lightbot 2.0 - A Game or Programming? Slides

Assignment 2

Assignment 1

Jan 6

Lab: Reveiw FTP; Set Up Your Portfolio Web Page

Lab 2 mycsp

Small Photo of Yourself

Jan 7

Lec: Digitization -- 0 & 1's Glorious Struggle Slides

Assignment 3

Assignment 2 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00

  Weekend -- Have You Seen "Social Network"?

Jan 10

Lec: A Social Contract Slides

Assignment 4

Assignment 3 Collect

Jan 11

Lab: Bits; Counting in bases 2, 16



Jan 12

Lec: Basic Procesing Slides

Assignment 5
Robot Code


Jan 13

Lab: Answers About Processing


Reading: GSwP Pref, 1-14
Assignment 4 Collect

Jan 14

Lec: Communicating in the Blink of an Eye Slides

Assignment 6
X Credit Asmt

Assignment 5 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00

  Weekend -- Thinking Of Doing Some Social Good This Weekend? Feed Someone: Freerice.com

Jan 17

Holiday: M. L. King's Birthday Celebrated

Jan 18

Lab: Writing A Processing Program

Lab 3

Reading GSwP, 15-40
Xtra Credit Asmt Collect

Jan 19

Lec: Pacman Returns - Abstracting Chomps Slides

Assignment 7

Assignment 6 Collect

Jan 20

Lab: Showing Your Stuff

Lab 04


Jan 21

Lec: Testing And Repetition Slides

Assignment 8

Assignment 7 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00


Jan 24

Lec: Bits of Color Slides

Assignment 9
Lines, Raining, Heart, Walking

Assignment 8 Collect

Jan 25

Lab: Binary Addition Practice



Jan 26

Lec: Instruction Execution Is Dead Simple Slides

Assignment 10

Assignment 9 Collect

Jan 27

Lab:Assignment Work with Brandon



Jan 28

Lec: Building A Clock - Layering Functions Slides

Assignment 11
X Credit Asmt

Assignment 10 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00


Jan 31

Lec: Fundamental Principle of Information Slides

Assignment 12
Strings Arraysr


Feb 1

Lab: Practice with Functions & Return Values

Lab 05

Assignment 11 Collect
Xtra Credit 11 Collect

Feb 2

Lec: Doing What You're Told - Universality Slides

Assignment 13 Turtle Code

Assignment 12 Collect

Feb 3

Lab: Work on Homework Assignment



Feb 4

Lec: What We've Learned - Review Slides


Assignment 13 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00


Feb 7

Midterm: 50 Minutes, Bring Notes


Personal Summary of Course Content, 1 page

Feb 8




Feb 9

Lec: Recursion -- Here We Go Again Slides

Assignment 14
UTF-8 Chars

Redo Lightbot Recursion
Exercises 1-3

Feb 10

Lab: Writing Recursive Code in Processing



Feb 11

Lec: Algorithm Design, Art of Giving Orders Slides
Susan's Slides

Assignment 15
Pong Exampler

Assignment 14 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00


Feb 14

Lec: AI -- Valentine's Day in Jeopardy Slides

  NY Times on Watson
Preview Watson
Kurzweil Picks Watson
Ken Jennings Profile

Feb 15

Lab: Pair Programming


Watson Launch
Party 6:00 PM

Feb 16

Lec: The Internet and World Wide Web Slides


Feb 17

Lab: Pair Programming


Feb 18

Lec: Domain Name System - Think Systems Slides


After Image Survey by 5:00


Feb 21

HolIday: Presidents Day

Feb 22

Lec: Guest Richard Ladner Accessibility Slides


Feb 23

Lec: Searching, Page Rank, Big Data Slides

Assign 16

Assignment 15 Collect
Reflection Survey

Feb 24

Lab: Trying Out HTML

Lab 6
HTML Tag List

Read: Blown to Bits Chapt. 4

Feb 25

Lec: Debugging -- Finding Your Mistake Slides


After Image Survey by 5:00


Feb 28

Lec: Zoran Popovic Graphics for a Better World


Mar 1

Lab: Styling HTML

Lab 7


Mar 2

Lec: Data & Meta Data & XML Slides

Assignment 17
XML XSL a b c d

Assignment 16 Collect

Mar 3

Lab: Begin with XML design


Mar 4

Lec: Database Structure Slides


After Image Survey by 5:00


Mar 7

Lec: Astonishing Things To Do With Bits Slides

X Credit Asmt


Mar 8

Lab: XML & XSL



Mar 9

Lec: Review - What We've Learned


Mar 10

Lab: Help with Assignment


Mar 11

Lec: Party Hats & Pizza


Assignment 17 Collect
After Image Survey by 5:00

Mar 14  
Mar 15  
Mar 16  
Mar 17 Final Exam: 8:30-10:20 -- Coffee And Pastries Served

Post-course Survey [External Survey]

Mar 18 Survival Party Begins ...
  End Of Winter Term


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