CSE120 Computer Science Principles


Computer Science Principles

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This is an archive of "working examples" presented in class, mostly in Processing. They are also reproduced in the lecture slides, but as screen shots. Note that there may be small differences between the two versions.
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Free Programming

Computers are getting smarter all the time. [Computer] Scientists tell us that soon they will be able to talk to us.
(And by ‘they’, I mean ‘computers’. I doubt scientists will ever be able to talk to us.)

-- Dave Barry

Classroom Examples

Lecture 5 Snow Angel Move cursor near center, click mouse and draw the angel. The design originated as part of the Processing Language tutorial materials.
Lecture 5 Colored Robot A static design, which does not change. The design originated as part of the Processing Language tutorial materials.
Lecture 7 Pacman The old-time video game hero moves right, eating white pills. The inclass example was simply a exercise in program development to serve as a platform for discussing programming.
Lecture 9 Albers in a Click In assignment 6, students generated images à la Josef Albers' famous "Homage to a Square". This, together with similar programs for Mondrian and Pollack, supported a discussion about how such programs raise questions about what an artist's contribution is to Art. It's not an art class, so none of the questions could be answered, but the role of technology to raise the questions was discussed. Click!
Lecture 9 Creative Programming Assignments 9 and 10 asked students to write interesting programs, something that would hold your attention on the screen for a few moments. These were four examples.
Lines of Red And White Batches of ten lines connecting random points, colored red or white at random.
Seattle Rain Batches of ten raindrops of random size of slightly different color, chosen at random.
Heart Beat A heart (Valentines is coming!) that changes color from bright to dark, looking like it is beating.
Stick Man Walks Towards The Abyss A stick man is animated to stride towards the abyss ... does he fall in? Watch!
Lecture 12 Timer Click to start the timer; click to stop it. Check the code ... it is a chance to produce an application in 50 minutes by layering functions.
Lecture 22 Personal Diary in XML This diary is an example of a student-built XML project, showing the embedding of images, video, links and other features.
Lecture 26 Steganography This tranquil image of fishermen contains a hidden image of a jubilant crowd in Cairo. Unfortunately, the extraction is not Web supported. To see the hidden image, move this text into an empty Processing window, and save it. Next, put the "stegFog.png" image here into a folder called "data" in the same directory as the program. Run the program, click on the image, and see the crowd.
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