CSE120 Computer Science Principles


Computer Science Principles

Why Take CSE120
Students were assigned to write programs to do whatever they wish. The only two constraints were that the program be "active" (that is, it moves) and that it hold the viewer's interest for a few moments. The work was impressive. The following students have voluteered to show one or more of their programs.
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Free Programming

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
-- Pablo Picasso

Free Programming

  • Chelsey
    • Rave Square Move the mouse around from top to bottom and watch the square grow and shrink
    • Random Circle Painting Move the mouse around the screen and periodically click to change to a new random color
    • Acid Trip Move the mouse around and watch the interesting things that happen. For a particularly interesting experience, move the mouse slowly in a large clockwise fashion. And try not to have a seizure.
    • Web Move the mouse around and click for different color experiences
  • Reid
  • Dan This is Micky It moves around.
  • Lisa
    • Click Spiral Click on the screen and the square will change from red to blue depending on where the mouse is while it is spiraling
    • Click Spiral Click on the screen and the square will change from red to blue depending on where the mouse is while it is spiraling
  • Neal
    • Block W Sit back and enjoy as the W moves across the screen!
    • Dots and Boxes WARNING: Not for those who can't handle rapidly changing colors, movement, and/or awesomness. Move the mouse around the screen and watch the dots change color as you go. Then click the mouse and boxes appear the more times you click!
  • Shari Airplane Watch the airplane move across the sky over the building.
  • Katie
    • Boxes Move your mouse to move the boxes and click to randomly change their color and transparency
    • Flower Click on the flower and watch it grow!
    • Maze Click and drag your mouse through the maze.
  • Sione Have Fun! Just move the mouse around.
  • Bryan Twinkle Let star twinkle, and then click to end.
  • Alex Happy Face Move the mouse around, Be Happy :)
  • Shaofan
  • Fumiko
    • Color Your World Several different size of circles will show up on the screen. Each time you click your mouse, it will change the color of the ellipse.
    • TRON Watch!
    • Hello Dolly Click the mouse to change colors.
    • Maze Click on the figure. Then each time you press one of w, x, a, or d buttons on your keyboard, the line moves to the direction you choose. Control the line and reach to the goal..
  • Laura "Vive La Vida Loca" Watch!
  • Ryker
    • Colorburst Watch as the colors swirl from the center!
    • V-Lines See if you can pick out a pattern in the way these lines are drawn...
  • Eduardo
    • Rays Press and hold mouse; release.
    • Van Click mouse to advance the action.
  • Willie Flying High Just watch the little birdie go!!!
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