Course Description:

Provides an overview of computer vision, emphasizing the middle ground between image processing and artificial intelligence. Low-level image processing, computational photography, motion and depth estimation, object recognition, and case studies of current research

Office hours:  There are no regularly scheduled office hours, but you can always arrange a meeting with either the TA or instructor.  Just send an email.

Grading:  The grade is based on four assignments.  Each assignment will be a mix of coding and written answers.

Book (optional):
Computer Vision: A Modern Approach (2nd Edition), David A. Forsyth.
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski.

Syllabus Overview:

Homework Notes:

Please upload your assignment in a compressed file including codes, executables, writing assignments, and the data required for the program. Also, please include a brief readme describing any extra credit (bells and whistles) you accomplished. Note that there is a deadline for each assignment. Anything uploaded after the deadline will be marked late. Please be careful to not overwrite an in time assignment with a late assignment when uploading near the deadline. Each student has a TOTAL of 6 days late without penalty over the entire course (you may be one to two days late for every assignment, or 6 days late for one assignment, etc.) Please let the TA know if you cannot access any of the pages.