CSEP 545 Lecture Slides and Video Archives

Here are links to the PDF, PowerPoint and CSD (Classroom Presenter) files for the lecture slides. Please print out a hardcopy to refer to during lecture. In addition, on the day after the lecture, video archives will be posted here in a format suitable for both WebViewer, and Windows Media Player.

Lecture Slides

Week Chapter Title CSD
PDF PowerPoint PowerPoint
1, 2 1 Introduction CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
2 Assignment 1 CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
2 2 Atomicity & Durability Using Shadow Paging CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
2,3 3 Concurrency Control for Transactions (part 1) CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
3 4 Miscellaneous Project Issues CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
4, 5 5 Database System Recovery CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
5 Assignment 4 CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
5 6 Application Server Issues for the Project CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
6, 7 7 Two Phase Commit CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
7, 8 8 Concurrency Control for Transactions (Part 2) CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
8, 9 9 Queued Transaction Processing CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
9 10 Replication CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML
9 11 Application Servers (a.k.a. TP Monitors) CSD PDF PowerPoint HTML

Video Archives

WebViewer permits the playback of certain enabled live streams and archives with slides and instructor tablet annotations.   To use the WebViewer archives, install WebViewer 1.9.5 or later, then click on links in the WebViewer column below. With older versions of WebViewer, you must launch WebViewer first, then use "File menu->Open with Browser," navigate back to this page using WebViewer's browser, and select a link in the Windows Media Archive column. 

Date Chapter(s) Video Archive
Windows Media Archive
(WMP or older WebViewer versions)
WebViewer 1.9.5 or later Downloadable WebViewer Archive
Version 1.9.5 or later recommended
1/4/2005 1 Video Launch WebViewer Download
1/11/2005 1, 2, 3 Video Launch WebViewer Download
1/18/2005 3, 4 Video Launch WebViewer Download
1/25/2005 5 Video Launch WebViewer Download
2/1/2005 5, 6 Video Launch WebViewer Download
2/8/2005 7 Video Launch WebViewer Download
2/15/2005 7, 8 Video Launch WebViewer Download
2/22/2005 8, 9 Video Launch WebViewer Download
3/8/2005 9, 10, 11 Video Launch WebViewer Download

Live Streamed Lectures

Live lectures may also be viewed:

See http://www.cs.washington.edu/masters/dl_tech/ for details.

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