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 CSEP 544 Principles of Database Systems
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Daily Schedule for CSEP 544

Note that this schedule will be altered during the quarter. Please make sure to check it every week.

You can view live streams and video archives here

Week Date Topic What's happening
1 January 5 SQL (ppt/pdf)
2 January 16 SQL in C#; Database Design: E/R, NF (ppt/pdf)
IMDB Example
Due Homework 1
3 January 23 Views, Constraints (ppt/pdf) Due Project Phase 1
4 January 30 XML/XPath/XQuery (ppt/pdf)
Due Homework 2
5 Feburary 6 Transactions (ppt/pdf) Franklin's paper Due Project Phase 2
6 Feburary 13 Database storage, indexes (ppt/pdf) Due Homework 3
7 Feburary 20 Physical operators, optimization (ppt/pdf) Paper Due Project Phase 3
8 Feburary 27 Statistics, Database tuning (ppt/pdf)
Due Homework 4
9 March 6 Advanced topics (ppt/ Colloquium/ Cambridge) Due Project Phase 4
10 March 15
Final Exam

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