CSE 590DM: Database Group Meeting

Spring 2002

Fridays 2:30 - 3:20, EE1 031

4/5 Everyone: What's going on, what are our plans for this quarter
4/12 Igor: Rate-Based Query Optimization for Streaming Information Sources Stratis Viglas, Jeffrey Naughton

Maya: Best-Effort Cache Synchronization with Source Cooperation Chris Olston, Jennifer Widom

Luna: QURSED: Querying and Reporting Semistructured Data Yannis Papakonstantinou, Michalis Petropoulos, Vasilis Vassalos

4/19 Yana: StatiX: Making XML Count Juliana Freire, Jayant R. Haritsa, Maya Ramanath, Prasan Roy, Jerome Simeon

Gerome: Executing SQL over Encrypted Data in the Database Service Provider Model Hakan Hacigumus, Bala Iyer, Chen Li, Sharad Mehrotra

Ashish: Continuously Adaptive Continuous Queries over Streams Samuel Madden, Mehul Shah, Joseph Hellerstein, Vijayshankar Raman

4/26 College of Engineering Open House; no class?
5/3 Lin: An Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Network for Distributed Caching of OLAP Results Panos Kalnis, Wee Siong Ng, Beng Chin Ooi, Dimitris Papadias, Kian Lee Tan

Gerome: A Normal Form for XML DocumentsMarcelo Arenas, Leonid Libkin

Jayant: Processing Complex Aggregate Queries over Data Streams Alin Dobra, Minos Garofalakis, Johannes Gehrke, Rajeev Rastogi

5/10 Rachel: Archiving Scientific Data Peter Buneman, Sanjeev Khanna, Keishi Tajima, Wang-Chiew Tan

Pradeep: On the complexity of (approximate) query optimization Sourav Chatterji, Sai Surya Kiran Evani, Sumit Ganguly, Mahesh Datt Yemmanaru

Nilesh: Conjunctive Selection Conditions in Main Memory Kenneth A. Ross

5/17 Gerome's practice PODS talk: Containment and Equivalence for an XPath Fragment Gerome Miklau and Dan Suciu
5/24 Igor's practice SIGMOD talk: Storing and Querying Ordered XML Using a Relational Database System Igor Tatarinov, Stratis Viglas, Kevin Beyer, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Eugene Shekita, Chun Zhang
5/31 Ashish's practice WebDB talk: View Selection for Stream Processing A. Gupta, A. Halevy, D. Suciu
6/7 Wrapup and SIGMOD/PODS rehash

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