CSE590U - Autumn 2007 (T 1:30-2:20, CSE 403)

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Papers from Ubicomp 2007




Discussion Leads

02 Oct

Ubicomp 2007 Best Paper and Presentation:

At the Flick of a Switch: Detecting and Classifying Unique Electrical Events on the Residential Power Line

Shwetak N. Patel, Thomas Robertson, Julie A. Kientz, Matthew S. Reynolds, and Gregory D. Abowd


09 Oct

Cooperative Augmentation of Smart Objects with Projector-Camera Systems
David Molyneaux, Hans Gellersen, Gerd Kortuem, and Bernt Schiele


16 Oct

Peter, Brandon

23 Oct

An ‘Object-Use Fingerprint’: The Use of Electronic Sensors for Human Identification
Mark R. Hodges and Martha E. Pollack

Craig, Ryan

30 Oct

Industrial Affiliates Meeting (no meeting)

(no meeting)

06 Nov

Field Deployment of IMBuddy: A Study of Privacy Control and Feedback Mechanisms for Contextual IM
Gary Hsieh, Karen P. Tang, Wai Yong Low, and Jason I. Hong

Evan, Alan

13 Nov

Users and Batteries: Interactions and Adaptive Energy Management in Mobile Systems
Nilanjan Banerjee, Ahmad Rahmati, Mark D. Corner, Sami Rollins, and Lin Zhong

Joe, Jonathan

20 Nov

Amigo: Proximity-Based Authentication of Mobile Devices
Alex Varshavsky, Adin Scannell, Anthony LaMarca, and Eyal de Lara

Richa, Alexei

27 Nov

Key Generation Based on Acceleration Data of Shaking Processes
Daniel Bichler, Guido Stromberg, Mario Huemer, and Manuel Lw

Carl, Scott

04 Dec

Locating Family Values: A Field Trial of the Whereabouts Clock
Barry Brown, Alex S. Taylor, Shahram Izadi, Abigail Sellen, Joseph Jofish’ Kaye, and Rachel Eardley

Adrienne, Tammy