CSE 505: Concepts of Programming Languages

Autumn 1994

Instructor: Alan Borning

Office Hours: M 4:30-5:20 and W 1:30-2:20

TA: Ben Dugan

Office Hours: M 2:30-3:20 and Tu 11:30-12:20

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General Info

  • Course Intro
  • Email saved from cse505
  • List of Assigned and Optional Papers
  • Some Definitions of Programming Language Concepts

    Course Topics

  • Functional Languages
  • Imperative Languages
  • Object-Oriented Languages
  • Constraint Languages
  • Logic Programming Languages


  • List of Assignments

  • CSE 505 Project Suggestions Some suggestions for course projects.

  • CSE 505 Projects Links to student projects.


    The final will be 2:30-4:20 Tuesday Dec 13, in our regular classroom. Open papers and notes.

  • Exams Examinations from this and previous years.

    General Information

  • Programming Language Research A collection of information and resources for research in programming languages.

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