CSE 505 Projects
Autumn 1994

The 505 project should involve writing a 4-10 page paper on a topic related to programming language design and implementation, and may also involve a programming project. Students can work individually or in pairs on the project and paper. Optionally, students can give a presentation in class on their work. (More work will be expected of a pair than an individual.)

If you do an implementation project, it can either be something like implementing an SK-reduction machine, or implementing some program in language X. If the latter, your paper should discuss not just the particulars of the project, but also what the relevant special features of X are, and how they helped and hindered the development. Perhaps better, implement it in both languages X and Y and compare.

A brief project proposal is due on November 21 (by e-mail). The project is due the last day of class, Dec 7.

Here are some suggestions for possible projects. Naturally you aren't restricted to these suggestions, but can work on a different topic if you wish.