Object Oriented Languages

Notes and Code

Language Overviews

  • Simula Notes on object-oriented programming and on Simula, the first object-oriented language
  • Smalltalk Notes
  • Sample Smalltalk graphics code
  • Haikus which reflect the Smalltalk experience

    General Issues/Controversies in Object Oriented Languages

  • Metaclasses
  • Prototype-based Languages
  • Exception Handling Exception handling in Smalltalk-80, as well as in Ada and other languages.
  • Implementation Inheritance
  • Multiple Dispatch
  • Types in Object Oriented Languages
  • Bounded Polymorphism

    Interesting Links to Real Research

  • Object-Oriented Information Sources Has links to many other pages, and also a search mechanism.
  • Self Project: For info about the Stanford Self language, a prototype based object oriented language.
  • Cecil: For info on our department's very own Cecil project.
  • Emerald: Object/process mobility for distributed systems.
  • Simula and Smalltalk: This paper examines the social and political influences on the development of the Simula and Smalltalk languages.
  • Gail Murphy and David Notkin, "The Interaction Between Static Typing and Frameworks." A paper on the interactions between the contravariant and covariant rules and software reuse.