CSE501: Implementation of Programming Languages

Autumn 2010

Meetings: TuTh 12:00-1:20, room CSE 403
Homepage: http://www.cs.washington.edu/501/
Lecturer: Michael Ernst
(no TA)

Logistics: PDF, HTML


Webpage for reading summaries

Project web pages at the wiki

Mailing list: cse501a_au10@u
If you are not (yet) registered for the class, tell the instructor so you can be added to this mailing list (or try to subscribe directly). (To send mail to the list, you must send use your @u address, not a @cs, @google.com, etc. address. Let us know if this is a hardship, and we will add your other address to the list of permitted senders.)


Optional class meeting on Friday, October 1

Optional class meeting to discuss potential projects: Friday, October 1, 1pm-2pm, in room 403.
If you did not receive email about this, you are not on the course mailing list. Please send email to Michael Ernst asking to be added.

Wiki for project ideas

Assignment: by 5pm on Monday, October 4, edit http://cubist.cs.washington.edu/wiki/index.php/501:10au:ProjectIdeas to indicate your interests.

Final project reports

Faster real-time classification using compilation by Gilbert Bernstein, Morgan Dixon, and Amit Levy

Typestate checking for Actionscript 3 by Yun-En Liu and Qi Shan.

Dataflow framework for Checker Framework by Andreas Abel, Kivanc Muslu, and Brandon Myers

DuctileScala: Combined static and dynamic feedback for Scala by Ricardo Martin, Daniel Perelman, Jinna Lei, and Brian Burg

TaintSNIFFER: A robust dynamic taint tracking system for a homogenous web browsing environment by Aaron Miller and Paramjit Singh Sandhu.

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