CSE 461: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks, Autumn 2022
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Lectures (Bagley Hall 154): MWF 12:30-01:20
Section AA (Mechanical Engineering Building 242): TH 01:30-02:20
Section AB (Mechanical Engineering Building 242): TH 02:30-03:20
Section AC (Mechanical Engineering Building 242): TH 03:30-04:20

Who Office Hours
Shyam Gollakota, Professor
gshyam at cs.washington.edu

Jason Zhang, TA
jzhang66 at cs.washington.edu
Dec. 7, Wednesday 3:30 - 5:30pm. https://washington.zoom.us/j/7535016079

Justin Chan, TA
jucha at cs.washington.edu

Tianyi Cui, TA
cuity at cs.washington.edu
Johnson Kuang, TA
jkuang7 at cs.washington.edu

Dec. 6, Tues. 8:00 - 9:30pm;
Dec. 9, Fri. 8:00 - 9:30pm. https://washington.zoom.us/j/7935407872

Ashwin Subbaraman, TA
ashwin23 at cs.washington.edu
Dec. 6, Tues. 12:00 - 1:00pm. https://washington.zoom.us/j/99421211918

Dao Yi, TA
daoyee at cs.washington.edu

Textbooks Computer Networks (6E 19), Peterson [Online Book]
Computer Networks (5th Edition), Andrew Tanenbaum, David Wetherall

Staff mailing list The staff email is cse461-staff at cs.washington.edu

Class mailing list The class email is cse461a_au22@u.washington.edu. It's updated nightly from the official registration list, and uses your u.wash email address.


The midterm will be held during class on November 16. Practice Midterm

Note that homeworks and projects run concurrently and are due at 11 pm on the due date.

Assignment Release Date Due Date
Assignment 1 10/07 10/17
Project 1 10/07 10/24
Assignment 2 10/19 10/28
Project 2 10/24 11/18
Assignment 3 10/28 11/14
Assignment 4 11/09 12/02
Project 3 11/18 12/02

Lecture Slides

Course Introduction

Network Components and Protocols

Physical Layer

Link Layer

Network Layer


Transport Layer

Application Layer

Quality of Service

Queuing and Security

Section Slides

No section for the first week of class (9/29/2022)

Section 1: Sockets and Traceroute

Section 2: Intro to Wireshark for Project 1

Section 3: Extra OH

Section 4: Intro to Mininet

Section 5: Mininet II

Section 6: Midterm Review

Section 7: Project 3 Intro

Section 9: Final Review

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