CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring Quarter 2006

Lecture Notes and Applets

Here are online copies of the slides used in lectures. Please avoid printing them out! We always make enough printed copies for the whole class; if you missed one, there are probably extra copies in the filing cabinet in the graphics instructional lab. Look there first rather than wasting paper. Note also that Acrobat files are eminently readable online.

If you must print out a section of slides, try to print double-sided. Under UNIX, this typically involves adding an option like "-ZDuplex=DuplexNoTumble" to your lpr command. Under NT, it's an option in the "advanced" tab of the print properties dialog. For the option "print on both sides", select "Long Side".

Thanks for saving paper!

Each lecture is provided in PDF format. In addition, the "extras" column contains links to relevant web pages and applets.






Displays and Frame Buffers Vector Displays, Raster Displays,
LCD Displays
, OLED Displays


Image Processing Image warp, Continuous 1D Convolution,
Discrete 1D convolutionSnoop


Affine Transformations

Change of basis,
Affine Transformation Game 


Hierarchical Modeling

Hierarchy of transformations,
Robot Arm Example

5 Projections

Hitchcock Effect

6 Hidden surfaces Marked-up lecture slides,
Z-buffer, BSP Trees
7 Shading

OpenGL shading applet,
Szymon's BRDF viewer

8 Ray Tracing Photon Mapping, Triangle Intersections,
Reflection/Refraction Applet
9 Anti-aliased and accelerated ray tracing Nyquist Limit
10 Distribution ray tracing  
11 Texture mapping Texture Mapping Primitives, Marble Applet,
12 Parametric curves Tcl/Tk curve demos (zip file), Bezier Curves,
B-Splines, Curve Interpolation, C2-Interpolating Curves
13 Particle systems Differential Equation Basics,
Particle System Dynamics,
Cloth, Fish, Snake, Cloth Demo,
Soda Constructor,
Annotated slides
14 Parametric surfaces Bézier patch interactive demonstration
15 Subdivision curves and surfaces

Triangular Subdivision Surfaces,
Subdivision Tutorials and Online Demos

16 Animation principles Perlin Walkers, Pixar Shorts, Luxo Jr., Animation Trends

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