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Links to various software packages related to the class

Applets for specific topics

General purpose software

  • Snoop, a utility program that zooms in on a small section of the display window. Written by Yung-Yu Chuang, CSE, University of Washington, based on the Microsoft ZoomIn utility.
  • Graphing Calculator from Pacific Tech. Visualize all sorts of mathematical functions and operations. An early version comes standard on the Macintosh, more capable versions are available for both Mac and Windows.
  • Matlab from Mathworks. Calculate and visualize anything mathematical. Mathworks allows licensed Matlab developers to distribute the runtime libraries so that users can legally run compiled Matlab programs on machines without a Matlab license. The installer is 8.77MB. [installation instructions] [installer download]
  • Scanalyze from Stanford. Scanalyze is an interactive computer graphics application for viewing, editing, aligning, and merging range images to produce dense polygon meshes. Based in part on code developed by Professor Curless.
  • IrfanView is a very nice image viewer for Windows that supports numerous image formats.

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