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This class is intense. There is a lot of new material, and there are four large programming projects, two homeworks, and a final.

This class is also a lot of fun, as anyone who has taken it can tell you.

The class is structured so that you can

  • do all the assigned work and get a very good exposure to the fundamentals of computer graphics
  • and do much more exploration in any specific areas you find exciting and interesting.

One of the reasons that computer graphics is an exciting field is that it touches on many many disciplines in new and interesting ways. Your job is to learn the basics and explore some of the frontiers.

So, with that exciting speech in mind, the grading plan is:

  • 60% Projects
  • 16% Homework
  • 20% Final Exam
  • 4% Extra Credit

Extra Credit suggestions will be available on the projects and one or both of the homeworks. These will be fairly open-ended and are intended to give you a chance to pursue your interests over and above the basics of the class.


Your grades are available over the web through your MyUW account. You need your UWNetID and password in order to get access. To configure MyUW, do the following.

  • Log on to MyUW.
  • From the "Students" tab, click the "Personalize Content" link on the top right.
  • Click the button that says "'Choose' from the basic Student menu".
  • Find the "Computer Science and Engineering" heading and check the checkbox.
  • Click the "Save your Changes" button.
  • Your grades will now be visible on myUW/student/Computer Science and Engineering.

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