CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Assignment #6

Cinematography Exercise for Thursday (7/16)

Cinematography Exercise for Thursday (7/21), 10:30 AM

Plans for Today!

Red Group Review -- Pitches first then storyreel then specific emphasis on 7 steps armature and beatsheet followed by the first storyreel and voiceover, followed by a site and character design review. 

Blue Group Review -- Pitches first then storyreel then specific emphasis on 7 steps armature and beatsheet followed by the first storyreel and voiceover, followed by a site and character design review.

We'll finish clones and hell imagery. 

Then we'll review cinematography and your lab exercise today. 

Send updated review notes. 

Review Assignment #6 and then off to Lab for the day! 

Thursday (July 16th):

Another Review of your storyreel etc. based on the feedback you were given.

Looking at other shorts from our collection for review of armature, 7 steps and shot progressions, pre production and quality of production. 

Tuesday July 21rst we'll have a visitor or two in for a full review your work once again and follow it with a production and story review of a feature length film. 
Brian will do a character animation demo for you using our most recent characters.

Thursday, July 23rd  -- we’ll have another full Production Review and setup for preparation for the last push on your reels, etc. followed by your last official lab session.


CSE 456 Assignment #6   Your Final Project!

Here’s a list of your final turn in for your individual and group work. Please label each production support document you submit with your group name and individual names along with what the document or production item is.

For each individual student:

Please submit your individual Assignments from #1 to #3 and any stories you developed during the A term session.

For your Group (Red or Blue):

Final agreed upon Story Text
Final agreed upon Beat sheet
Final Sequence and Shot List
Final Notes on Feedback
Final fully rendered color Storyboards
Final Character Descriptions
Final Family Tree
Final Site maps
Final Character Sheets (one for each character)
Final Visual References

Notes for your Voiceover:

1. Write the story out fully and practice reading/telling many times until it feels natural.
2. Tell the story without your boards first and then tell it timed to the boards in your storyreel.
3. Use your voice quality to act out the story
4. Try as best you can to use the voiceover to add content and context to the boards. Don't just describe what the audience is already seeing.
5. Record your voice over
6. Listen to your storyreel with and without the voiceover to determine whether the experience of your story is better  with the voiceover or not.
7. Make notes about how you could improve the voiceover.
8. Bring it all to class so that we can review it with you.

Criteria for your final stories:
  • Limited to two characters
  • Can be produced and understood using a 3 minute maximum length
  • Story takes place in one setting and that setting is indoors
  • Define your characters by assigning three adjectives to describe them.
  • Define the most appropriate specific time and place for your story.
  • Provide a visual representation of the story that supports your seven steps in a way that best dramatizes your story.
  • Remember for your voiceover or pitch - show excitement for the story. Fall in love with the story so that your audience can.
  • Define and remember why it is important that this story be told and present that to the audience.
  • Do whatever you need to in order to bring the audience into the story experience.
  • Practice more than you think you need to.
  • Be Creative!!!
Also, please answer the following questions about each one of your stories:

1. Is your story as clear and succinct as you can make it?
2. Do you have a visual style in mind for your story and if so, can you describe it or provide visual reference?
3. Why should this story be told? Why would anyone care?
4. Have you captured the visual transitions in your story? Have you captured and illustrated the story beats?

Don’t forget to submit both your Individual Critique and Group Critique as part of your final  work submitted for cse456.


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