CSE 456 - Story for Digital Animation

Checklist for Final Project Turn-In

  • Cinematography Exercise for Thursday (7/21), 10:30 AM
  • Student name and the names of your group members:
  • Your Role(s):
  • Individual and group critique analysis feedback form
  • Title
  • Final Armature
  • Final 7 steps
  • Final Sequence and Shot list
  • Final Beat sheet
  • Final Character adjective description
  • Final model sheets
  • Final Family Tree
  • Final Visual Reference
  • Date time and place and Final Site Plan
  • Names of characters and description of their back story
  • All Final Storyboards in Color
  • All Lab Exercises
  • Final Thumbnails
  • *2 copies of the Storyreel -- one with voiceover and one without
  • Any extra stories you would like to submit to us for possible production that you want us to review and provide feedback
Note: Make sure that the files you turn in run properly.

*All material will be submitted on 2 DVD's and submitted to the CSE dept office with my name on it to be placed in my CSE mailbox or under my office door 628 Allen Bldg by Monday July 27 2009 at 9 am.

Again, be sure to test ALL of your files before submitting them as we will not make efforts to find you if they don’t run.