Project 2:  Panoramic Mosaic

Implement a system to combine a series of photographs into a 360 degree panorama.  The software will automatically align the photographs (determine their overlap and relative positions) and then blend the resulting photos into a single seamless panorama.  You will then be able to view the resulting panorama inside an interactive Web viewer. 

The Winning Results

First Place

Chris Twigg, Outside Meany Hall (at night) : [panoramic] [jpeg image]

Second Places

Daniel Stein, Stairs : [panoramic] [jpeg image]

Eugene Hsu: Red square ( at 4 AM ) : [panoramic] [jpeg image]

All Results

Chris Twigg

Eugene Hsu

Daniel Stein

Kelvin Lau

Alice Lin

David Dewey

Devang Patel

Sam Riesland

Louis Valentine

Eung-Hun Kim

Chun-Hao Ma

John Troy