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 CSE444 Fall 2003
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Project Description
The project will be done in 3 phases. Instructions for each phase will be posted right after the previous phase has been completed. The goal of the project is (1) to implement a complete (yet small) database application, and (2) to gain an appreciation of some of the real-world problems people face when dealing with and sharing data.


Application Domains
We will provide three domains for your application. Everyone will be assigned to a domain based on his/her last name:

PhaseII Groups

ADJAiman ErbadDaniel NealeyHyunwoo Yang
BAMIlya MaykovWon NgBen Shih
BSKBrian ChangStephen LuKathy Wen
DJVJon KetoVijay ManiDavid Tran
JJRJacob ChristensenJeff LinRobert Sawers
KADKyle McclellanDaisy StantonAliseya Wright
LANGJoshua LangAlexander SchaeferWalter Weeks
MCKMatthew CoxKarvell LiCameron Tom
MELEkaterina MineevaMahalakshmi RamasamyLaura Steinkamp
MICROSOFTMatthew HigginsHuy NguyenJohn Russell
MTKMichael CollierQi LuTuan Van
NANAmanda AskewNicholas PoplaskiNicolas Winters
NYKNemo Haji-YusufYow MooKartik Subramanian
SHBBrankica Bokan-TomicHendry PrasetyoShengli Zhou
SLUGGYDavid BurdickSin-Ming LiQingzhou Zhao
TACAndy JayaTao LongChong Tsang
VADDavid DearingViet NguyenAnav Silverman


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