Project Phase II

Due Oct 30 and Nov 17, 2003


In this phase you form groups of 3 students, one from each domain of Phase I. Together, each group forms an E-Business company. Your company will provide a web shopping interface to clients, and a decision support workbench to managers in the company. Finally, you will provide certain web services for further use in Phase III.

Through this project, you will learn:


This phase in divided into 3 parts:



Most of you have web-shopping experiences, so it's easy to understand what needs to be done. In this part, you'll generate your own web-shopping site.

The details of web shopping includes:

You should implement web-shopping based on the 3 separate databases for the 3 domains.

Management Information Query

You will built a tool that helps the managers in the company get certain information for further business analysis and decision making.

You should provide a simple front-end to answer the following 3 queries. Even though you are asked to provide answers only to the three queries below, you should try to figure out a general solution for the problem of querying across multiple databases.

Web Services

For information on how to add Web Services to you project read this.

Based on your web-shopping and query web pages, provide the web service that can run the remote process call as below. Your web service class should be: [your_group_name]_webService. For example, RBM_webService.

In addition, write a simple client for each of your web service method to demonstrate the functionality. The client should have an INVOKE button and a bunch of text boxes on the page for users to type in the input data. After the web service is invoked, the output is presented on the page. You can give an example by setting default values for input boxes.

    struct trackingInfo{
        string    title,         // book title or music CD album title
        string    state        // delivery status      

    struct trackingInfoArray{
        int                    size,         // the size of the array
        trackingInfo      tInfo[]

              public trackingInfoArray deliveryStatus(string invoiceID)