Submitting the Schema and Data of Phase I

Due October 17, 2003

You need to submit the schema and data of your domain (Inventory, Billing, or Shipping) for Phase I formatted as explained below. Please read the requirements for the rest of Phase I which will be due October 24th. Good design now will make the rest of Phase I (and the entire Project) much easier later.


This assignment will be evaluated on the clarity and thoughtfulness of your schema design. Remember that you are going to be using this schema for the entire Project so please put some real time and thought into it. Also try to resist optimizing it for the queries listed in your domain because eventually you working in groups with people from the other two domains.

You'll also need to turn in some sample data for your schema. Creating all this data by hand might take a some time so you can use a random data generator and then import the data (text file) to your database. About 20 to 30 tuples per table should be plenty.

Turnin Procedure

Email you schema and data to tessa@cs. The grading rubric here in the next few days.