Assignment 4: Communicating Your Design


You have identified a problem, explored a design space, selected a promising design, and iterated on that design. It is now time to focus on communicating your design and your design process. This group assignment communicates your design through a web post and through a poster with an associated pitch.

Milestones and Deliverables

This is a group assignment, consisting of five milestones.

Assignment 4web - Web Post

Due: Tuesday, March 5, 3:00pm

Assignment 4web_final - Web Post

Due: Thursday, March 7, 8:00pm

Assignment 4poster - Poster and Pitch

Due: Monday, March 4, 3:00pm

Assignment 4poster_final - Poster and Pitch

Due: Wednesday, March 6, 3:00pm

Assignment 4poster_session - Poster Session