Assignment 2: Getting the Right Design


Even when a problem is well-motivated, understanding that problem and choosing a design to pursue is a difficult process. This group assignment, spanning multiple weeks of the course, tackles the problem of selecting the right design through design research, task development, generating multiple potential designs, and finally selecting a design to pursue.

Milestones and Deliverables

This is a group assignment, consisting of eight milestones.

Assignment 2a - Project Ideation

Assignment 2b - Design Research Plan

Due: Thursday, January 18, 3:00pm

Assignment 2c - Design Research Check-In

Due: Monday, January 22, 3:00pm

Assignment 2d - Design Research Review

Due: Thursday, January 25, 3:00pm

Assignment 2e - Task Review

Due: Monday, January 29, 3:00pm

Assignment 2f - Design Check-In

Due: Wednesday, January 31, 3:00pm
Revision Due: Thursday, February 1, 8:00pm

Assignment 2g - Design Review

Due: Monday, February 5, 3:00pm

Assignment 2p - Presentation

Due: Wednesday, February 7, 8:00pm