Assignment 3: Getting the Design Right


Now that you have chosen a design, it is time to iteratively refine that design. This group assignment, spanning multiple weeks of the course, tackles the problem of getting the design right through paper prototyping, inspection, and usability testing. Design refinement culminates in a digital mockup.

Milestones and Deliverables

This is a group assignment, consisting of six milestones.

Assignment 3a - Paper Prototype

Due: Monday, February 12, 3:00pm

Assignment 3b - Heuristic Evaluation

Assignment 3c - Usability Testing Check-In

Due: Thursday, February 15, 8:00pm

Assignment 3d - Usability Testing Review

Due: Thursday, February 22, 3:00pm

Assignment 3e - Digital Mockup

Due: Monday, February 26, 3:00pm

Assignment 3p - Presentation

Due: Wednesday, February 28, 8:00pm