Midterm Exam

The midterm exam will be held in class on Feb 10, covering materials from lectures, sections, and assignments up to and including the week of Feb 1. Below are a few sample exams from previous offerings of 401 and UC Berkeley's CS 164. Beware that the topics covered might be different, so some questions might not be applicable for this term.

CSE 401

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10wi Unsolved Solved

Midterm 1, CS 164, UC Berkeley

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10au Unsolved
09au Unsolved Solved

Midterm 2, CS 164, UC Berkeley

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10au Unsolved Solved
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Final Quiz

The final quiz will be held during sections on Mar 10 (please attend your assigned section as seating might be limited). While the quiz will be comprehensive, it will focus mostly on materials covered after the midterm. Please refer to Berkeley's exams listed above for practice questions.

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