January 7 D3: Enter/Exit and Call Chaining
Part I: Enter/Exit: Handout pdf, Exercise 1 HTML Source Code, Exercise 2 HTML Source Code
Part II: Call chaining HTML Source Code
January 14 Desugaring and Coroutines
Part I: PDF Handout, Starter-kit, Solution.
Part II: Coroutines Slides
January 21 Bytecode Interpreter and Arrowlets
Slides and Arrowlets Solution
January 28 Continuation-Passing Style and Arrowlets Implementation
CPS & Arrowlets Exercise HTML Source Code, Solution Source Code
Arrowlets Research Paper for those interested in more detail
February 4 Earley Parsing and Disambiguation
Exercise Handout, Solution
February 11 Syntax-Driven Translation
Exercise Handout, Starter Kit
Solution (without highlighted parentheses, as those would give away part of PA3)
February 18 Objects and Inheritance
Slides, Solution
February 25 Static Types, Dynamic Checks, and Data Flow Analysis
Static Types & Dynamic Checks in Java
Data Flow Analysis
March 3 Compiling Constraints
Handout, Solution