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 CSE 378, Winter 2007
 Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming
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CSE 378 Winter 2007
Course Schedule

This calendar represents my intentions. Reality trumps intention, should the two disagree.


  • Exam
  • Holiday
  • Homework
  • Lecture
  • Section
  • Week of Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    January 1
    Text:Chapter 1
    No section meetings
    The MIPS R2000 ISA:
    Basics of the ISA: registers, memory, immediates, simple instructions, encoding
    Sections 2.1-2.3
    Realize A.10 exists


    HW1 out

    January 8 The MIPS R2000 ISA:
    Logicals, Branching, Data representation
    Section 2.4-2.6
    Example code

    Memory Layout, Assembling, Linking
    Sections 2.8-2.9, (2.10-21.13)
    (Appendix A.1-A.5, Figure A.6.1)


    Hardware Introduction
    Meet in CSE 003

    Introduction to the labs
    Learning the toolchain

    Download the workspace

    Sample files:
  • example.c
  • example.s
  • 'cebdumpm example.o' output
  • prologue-os.s
  • 'cebdumpm prologue.o' output
  • 'cebdumpe a.exe' output
    HW1 due
    HW2 out

  • January 15 MLK Day
    Procedure calls
    Chapters 2.7, A.6
    Lecture notes

    HW2 due
    HW3 out

    Memory Maps
    Procedure calls
    Chapters 2.7, A.6
    Lecture notes

    January 22 Performance
    Chapter 4
    Lecture slides

    Chapter 4
    Lecture slides

    HW3 due
    Review for Midterm
    Rough starter outline for topics

    Midterm I
    Answer Key
    Grade Distribution

    January 29 Single-cycle implementation:
    Chapters 5.1-5.3
    Lecture slides

    HW4 A, B out
    Single-cycle implementation:
    Chapter 5.4
    Chapters 5.4, Appendix C.2
    Lecture Slides

    Design of a stack machine.
    Multi-cycle implementation
        Chapter 5.5

    February 5 The OS: Exceptions and Simple Address Translation
    Chapters 5.6, Appendix A.7

    Sick day
    HW5 A, B out
    Virtual Addresses/Exceptions Slides
    Pipelining: Introduction
        Chapter 6.1

    February 12 Pipelining: Data path
    Chapters 6.2, 6.3

    Pipelining: Data Hazards
    Chapters 6.4, 6.5

    HW5 due
    Pipelining and Data Hazards

    HW6 out
    Pipelining: Control Hazards
    Chapter 6.6

    February 19 Presidents Day
    Pipelining: Control Hazards
    Branch Prediction
      Chapter 6.6

    HW6 due
    HW7 A, B out

    Midterm Review
    Review Topics

    Midterm II
    Answer key
    Grade Distribution

    February 26 Instruction Level Parallelism
      Chapter 6.9

    ILP: Scoreboarding
      Supplemental Reading

    Maximum ILP

    ILP: Tomasulo
      Supplemental Reading
      Online animation

    HW7 due
    HW8 out
    March 5 Caches I
    Chapters 7.1, 7.2

    Caches II
    Chapters 7.2, 7.3

    Caches/Virt. Mem.
    Review for Final Topics
    Page Coloring

    Virtual memory I
    Chapters 7.4

    HW8 due
    March 12 Final Exam
    Grade Distribution

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