CSE 374 - Programming Concepts and Tools - Winter 2013

Lectures: MWF 12:30-1:20, MGH 241


  • Final grades have been submitted. You can pick up your final exam at the CSE main office front desk during regular office hours. Bring your UW ID with you to get your exam. Have a great spring break and best wishes for the future.
Name email[at]cs Office Hours
Hal Perkins perkins CSE 548, Mon. 3-4 + drop in any time the door is open.
Patrick Larson palarson MGH 293, Thur. 1:30-2:30
Erik McClure erik2003 CSE 218, Fri. 3:30-4:30
Soumya Vasisht vasisht Tue. 2-3, CSE 220; Wed. 2-3, CSE 216

For most things the discussion board is the best way to communicate. If you need to reach the course staff via email for something that is not appropriate for the discussion board please send mail to cse374-staff[at]cs rather than sending mail to individual staff members.