Java Platform 1.2
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Package java.sql

Interface Summary
Array JDBC 2.0 SQL arrays are mapped to the Array interface.
Blob JDBC 2.0 By default, a Blob is a transaction duration reference to a binary large object.
CallableStatement CallableStatement is used to execute SQL stored procedures.
Clob JDBC 2.0 By default, a Clob is a transaction duration reference to a character large object.
Connection A Connection represents a session with a specific database.
DatabaseMetaData This class provides information about the database as a whole.
Driver The Java SQL framework allows for multiple database drivers.
PreparedStatement A SQL statement is pre-compiled and stored in a PreparedStatement object.
Ref JDBC 2.0 A Ref is a reference to an SQL structured value in the database.
ResultSet A ResultSet provides access to a table of data.
ResultSetMetaData A ResultSetMetaData object can be used to find out about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet.
SQLData JDBC 2.0 The SQLData interface is implemented by a Java class that is registered in a type mapping.
SQLInput JDBC 2.0 A SQLInput stream contains a stream of values that represent an SQL structured or distinct type instance.
Statement A Statement object is used for executing a static SQL statement and obtaining the results produced by it.
Struct JDBC 2.0 The Struct interface represents the default mapping for an SQL structured type.

Class Summary
Date This class is a thin wrapper around a millisecond value that allows JDBC to identify this as a SQL DATE. A milliseconds value represents the number of milliseconds that have passed since January 1, 1970 00:00:00.000 GMT. To conform with the definition of SQL DATE, the millisecond values wrapped by a java.sql.
DriverManager The DriverManager provides a basic service for managing a set of JDBC drivers.
DriverPropertyInfo The DriverPropertyInfo class is only of interest to advanced programmers who need to interact with a Driver via getDriverProperties to discover and supply properties for connections.
Time This class is a thin wrapper around java.util.
Timestamp This class is a thin wrapper around java.util.
Types This class defines constants that are used to identify SQL types.

Exception Summary
BatchUpdateException JDBC 2.0 The BatchUpdateException class provides information on an error that occurs during a batch update operation.
DataTruncation When JDBC unexpectedly truncates a data value, it reports a DataTruncation warning (on reads) or throws a DataTruncation exception (on writes).
SQLException The SQLException class provides information on a database access error.
SQLWarning The SQLWarning class provides information on a database access warnings.

Package java.sql Description

Provides the JDBC package. JDBC is a standard API for executing SQL statements. It contains classes and interfaces for creating SQL statements, and retrieving the results of executing those statements against relational databases. JDBC has a framework whereby different ``drivers'' can be installed dynamically to access different databases.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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