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This is the Winter 2021 final website.

You can track your assignments through our GitGrade portal. Through GitGrade you will accept an assignment, which will create a repository containing assignment stub code on gitlab. Once you have completed your assignment, commmitted your code to your assignment repo, you will again return to Gitgrade to turn in your assignment.

Reminder, our class discussion board is on the class Ed should you have any questions or run into issue.

Reminder: assignment and solution code must not be shared or made public through gitlab, or posted on public repositories such as Github.

Assignment out due lock Reflection
Doodle W 6-Jan Th 14-Jan 16-Jan See Doodle Peer Eval
Doodle Peer Eval S 16-Jan Su 17-Jan 19-Jan 19-Jan
Layout parts 1-2 W 13-Jan Th 21-Jan N/A N/A
Layout parts 3-4   Th 28-Jan 30-Jan 30-Jan (lock 31-Jan)
Accessibility W 27-Jan Th 4-Feb Sa 6-Feb Sa 6-Feb (lock 7-Feb)
Color Picker W 3-Feb Thu 18-Feb 20-Feb 20-Feb (lock 21-Feb)
Menus parts 1-4 W 17-Feb Th 25-Feb 27-Feb See Part 5-6
Menus parts 5-6 W 24-Feb Th 4-Mar 6-Mar N/A
Undo W 3-Mar Thu 16-Mar 18-Mar 18-Mar