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January 5 intro & primitive types (html)
January 7 pointers (html)
January 9 pointers, pointers (html)
January 12 malloc & free (html)
January 14 data structures (html)
January 16 system calls (html)
January 21 file I/O (html)
January 23 mmap (html)
January 26 C++ intro (html)
January 28 classes (html)
January 30 C++ in action (html)
February 2 rule of three (html)
February 4 object model (html)
February 9 templates & STL (html)
February 11 smart pointers (html)
February 13 Rust (by Stuart Pernsteiner)
February 20 valgrind (html)
February 23 networking intro (html)
February 25 sockets (html)
February 27 node.js (by Stefan Dierauf)
March 2 concurrency intro (html)
March 4 synchronization (html)
March 6 data races (original slides, by James Wilcox)
March 9 undefined behavior
March 13 wrapup (html)


January 8 C/C++ build
January 15 memory errors (code)
January 22 POSIX & C I/O (code)
January 29 C++ I
February 5 midterm review
February 12 C++ II (code)
February 19 C++ III
February 26 networking (code)
March 5 threads (code)
March 12 final review


January 5 ex0 out
January 6 hw0 out
January 7 ex0 due (soln)
ex1 out
January 9 ex1 due (soln)
ex2 out
January 12 ex2 due (soln)
ex3 out
January 13 hw0 due
hw1 out
January 14 ex3 due (soln)
ex4 out
January 16 ex4 due (soln)
ex5 out
January 21 ex5 due (soln)
ex6 out
January 23 ex6 due (soln)
ex7 out
January 26 ex7 due (soln)
January 27 hw1 due
hw2 out
January 28 ex8 out
January 30 ex8 due (soln)
ex9 out
February 2 ex9 due (soln)
ex10 out
February 4 ex10 due (soln)
ex11 out
February 9 ex11 due (soln)
February 10 hw2 due
hw3 out
February 11 ex12 out
February 13 ex13 out
February 18 ex12 due (soln)
February 19 ex14 (soln)
February 20 ex13 due (soln)
February 23 ex15 out
February 26 hw3 due
hw4 out
ex16 (soln)
March 2 ex15 due (soln)
ex17 out
March 4 ex17 due (soln)
ex18 out
March 6 ex18 due
ex19 out
March 9 ex19 due
March 12 hw4 due