Class meetings

Lecture Savery Hall 264, MWF 11:30–12:20
Section AA Mary Gates Hall 234, Th 08:30–09:20
Section AB Mary Gates Hall 234, Th 09:30–10:20
Section AC Mary Gates Hall 287, Th 10:30–11:20




Name Office
Xi Wang Allen Center 560

Teaching assistants

Name Office hours
Sunjay Cauligi Allen Center 002, Fri 2:30–3:30
Renshu Gu Allen Center 220, Tue 12:30–1:30
Sixto Josue Rios Allen Center 220, Wed 3:30–4:30
Edward Wu Allen Center 220, Mon 12:30–1:30

Appointments with the TAs outside of the listed office hours can be setup via email.

Staff mailing list

, but we would prefer that you use the discussion board whenever possible.


This course reuses much of the material from past CSE 333, as well as MIT’s 6.033 and 6.828.