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 CSE 326: Data Structures, Autumn 2003
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Computing Information


Logging In

CSE has a cluster of instructional unix machines, which are accessed by logging onto a single machine, attu.cs. You can connect to attu.cs via Windows machines using an X client, such as Reflection X from WRQ software (installed in CSE labs) or X-Win32 from StarNet (available on some UW computers). You can, in addition or by itself, also use SSH Telnet to start a unix shell on the server. We recommend using the UWICK package from C & C if you need to install SSH Telnet. Click here for download information.

The department has three undergraduate instructional labs, CSE 002, 006 and 022. These have Windows machines with Reflection X client and SSH Telnet installed.

If you need to get an account on these machines because you are a nonmajor, go to the following web page:

External Language references

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