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 CSE 326: Data Structures, Autumn 2003
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Please be sure to carefully read the collaboration and late policies for this course before beginning to work on the assignments. For all written or printed submissions, include your name, student ID, and section with your submission, so that you can be sure to get credit for everything you do.

Link Description Last Update Due Date
Project 1 Sound Blaster! 10/3/2003 Due Wed, Oct 8, 11:00pm
Printout due at start of section, Oct 9
Homework 1 Asymptotic Analysis, Priority Qs - Due Fri, Oct 17, beginning of class
Project 2
Phase A
Phase B
The search for a-MAZE-ing donuts! 10/23/2003
Phase A due Wed, Oct 22, 11:00 pm
Printout due at start of section, Oct 23
Phase B due Mon, Oct 27, 11:00 pm
Printout due at start of lecture, Oct 29
Homework 2 Search Trees, Hash Tables - Due Fri, Oct 31, beginning of class
Project 3 Shake-n-Bacon
Data Mining Using Trees and Tables
- In-progress turnin: Mon, Nov 17, 11:00pm
Final turnin: Thu, Nov 20, 11:00pm
Printout due at start of lecture: Fri, Nov 21
Homework 3 Disjoint Sets, Sorting and Graphs - Due Fri, Dec 5 (updated), beginning of class

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