CSE 312: Foundations of Computing II (Spring '20)

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  • Required: Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis, Introduction to Probability, First Edition, Athena Scientific, 2000. Available online here
  • Optional: Kenneth H. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, McGraw-Hill, 2012. (You may have this from 311 -- it covers counting and basic probability.)
The class will deviate from the textbooks in several occasions. Slides used in class will be provided.

Some extra resources:

Homework Assignments

  • Schedule: There will be 8 problem sets distributed over the quarter. Problem sets are generally posted online by Wednesday, by 11:59pm PST, and are due exactly one week later. The first homework will be released in Week 2.
  • Submission: Submission of the homework assignments is exclusively via Gradescope. (Instructions will follow.) You are required to submit one single PDF with your solutions. This solution can either be typeset or handwritten. If handwritten, you can scan individual pages and merge them into a single PDF. It is your responsibility to make sure the solution is readable. Good choices for typesetting are LaTeX (see here, here, or here for tutorials) or MS Word (in this case, make sure to use the built-in equation editor).
  • Late policy: You can submit your homework within the 24 hours following the deadline with a 10% grade penalty, or between 24 to 48 hours following the deadline with a 20% grade penalty. Exceptions can be made in case of emergencies, and you need to contact the staff prior to the submission deadline.
  • Regrades: Regrading requests will only be accepted via Gradescope. No matter what, you will be expected to submit a regrade request within the first two weeks after receiving the graded homework. You are also required to first attempt to understand the grader's viewpoint and explain clearly why you believe the grading is inappropriate.

Exams & Final Grade

  • Final grade: The final grade will be (approximately) distributed as follows: Homework (55%), midterm exam (15%), and final exam (30%).
  • Midterm exam: The midterm will take place on May, 8th, 2020 online (More information will be announced later).
  • Final exam: The final will take place on June, 10th, 2020, 8:30-10:20am online (More information will be announced later).

Collaboration & Academic Integrity

  • Collaboration policy: Homework assignments are to be solved individually. You are allowed to discuss the homework assignments in general terms with your fellow students, however, you are requested to write your own solution. In particular, any discussion you have with other students should not discuss in detail how to solve a problem. No student should walk another student through a solution, or show their own solution to others. In any case, you are not allowed to look up solutions anywhere, in particular not on the Internet.
  • Academic integrity: Violations of the above or any other issue of academic integrity are taken very seriously. Please refer to the Allen School's Academic Misconduct webpage for a detailed description of what is allowable and what is not.

Special Accommodations

  • Disabilities: If you would like to request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, 543-8924 (V/TDD). If you already have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating you have a disability that requires academic accommodations, please let the instructor know so we can discuss the appropriate accommodations.

  • Religious Accommodation Policy: See here for the current policy.