CSE 312: Foundations of Computing II (Spring '20)

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General information

Class contents. Together with CSE 311, this class provides a first exposure to the theoretical foundations of computer science. CSE 312 covers the basic mathematics of probability theory and statistics.

Prerequisites: CSE 311.

Class time: MWF 9:30-10:20a (Rachel Lin)

Sections: Thu, 9:30-10:20a (Jackson / Tim), 10:30-11:20a (Duowen / Brock), 11:30-12:20p (Robert / Chen), 12:30-1:20p (Chen / Robert), 1:30-2:20p (Bella / Joseph), 2:30-3:20p (Tina / Leiyi)

Mailing list to the class: cse312a_sp20@uw.edu.

Online Technologies

Due to the spread of coronavirus, instruction of CSE 312 has moved online. We will use the following tools

Lectures, Sections, Office hours: We are going to use Zoom for live lectures, sections, and office hours. The links to them can be found in your Canvas Calendar and on Edstem. Lectures will be recorded and will be available for viewing on Canvas.

Discussion board: We are going to use edstem for all announcements, discussions, Q&A, and for posting all course material including lecture slides, section notes, reading materials, etc. (You should have received an automatic invitation.)

Homework: We are going to use Gradescope for homework submission and grading.


  • Huijia Lin, rachel@cs (Instructor). Office hours: Half an hour after each class. Stay in the Zoom Classroom to ask questions.
  • Timothy Oluwatobi Akintilo, akintilo@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • JOSEPH AZIZEH, josephaz@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • Bella Bai, yunyub@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • DUOWEN CHEN, chendw98@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • Brock Grassy, grassyb@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • TINA KELLY LI, tinakli@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • Cheng Ni, chengni@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • JACKSON V STOKES, stokesjv@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • Robert Thomas Weber, rtweber2@cs, Office hour: TBA
  • LEIYI ZHANG, leiyiz@cs, Office hour: TBA
Staff mailing list: cse312-staff@cs.washington.edu (Use this only for urgent matters that require immediate attention, ask simpler questions on edstem.)

Response to the Coronavirus Situation

Everyone may be affected by the coronavirus situation in different ways. During this difficult time, we all should be more tolerant, helpful, and generous to others. If any student in this class encounter any problems or have any circumstances that affect their participation in the class, please do not hesitate to contact any subset of the CSE 312 staff for help.

Webpage Credit

This course website heavily follows the example of the website of CSE312 2019 Autumn created by Professor Stefano Tessaro.