Quick Access - (You'll be using these a lot)

Code Quality and Validation

Your submitted work must follow the CSE154 Code Quality Guide and pass validation standards for each language.

Piazza Message Board

The go to place for asking any questions about homework or course material! Reminder: Do not post homework solutions on Piazza!

Canvas / GitGrade

The two resources for checking and submitting course assignments and grades in this class.

Language Cheatsheets

CSE154 "Language Cheatsheets" for different langauges, used to summarize what we cover (and help students identify what is in the scope of the course)


Course Tool Setup

In this course, we will be using Git for assignment submission and Atom as a file editor. Here are the setup guides to get you started:

File Upload Tools

We recommend Filezilla for uploading your files to a server, like your UW student server. (Use the link below to avoid "bloatware"). If you prefer a different tool (WinSCP for Windows or scp for on a terminal shell) you are free to use it instead.

Browser Web Dev Tools

We strongly recommend Chrome as browsers to view your web pages in this class:

The following are other development tools that exist but we are not using for this class:

Languages and Technologies


These are a couple awesome HTML resources. The first three links are HTML tag references (check them out and see which one you prefer).

HTML Inputs/Validation

Getting user input is important. Here are two great links for learning about the HTML input tag and how to validate user input once you have it.


Here's a couple links for getting initially acquainted with CSS.

CSS Layout and Flexbox

Need to organize the elements of your website in a specific fashion? Check out these links to figure out how.

Mobile Friendly CSS

With the majority of internet access happening from the screens of mobile devices, it's more important than ever to know how to design websites that are responsive.

Accessibility Resources

Resources on web accessibility and how to make accessible websites

CSS Animations

You can accomplish a stunning variety of animations with CSS. Begin to learn how with these links.

Random CSS Things

An uncategorized list of random, but cool, CSS things.


Incorporate some behavior and functionality into your website. Here are some links to get started with JavaScript.

JavaScript Animations

Fun fact, you can create JavaScript animations too! These are a couple awesome libraries that make animating way easier.

3D Graphics Using JavaScript

A mind boggling web technology is the ability to render 3D graphics/models in the browser. Here's an introduction.


Application Program Interfaces (APIs) allow different programs to interact with each other and make up a key part of how the internet works. Here's an introduction and a list of cool APIs to check out.

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (regex for short) is a powerful way to search for specific strings based on a defined pattern. Here are some links to learn about and practice regex.

Extra Goodies

Website Inspiration

Here's a helpful catalog of websites for when you need that extra kick of inspiration.

Interesting Reads

Curious to learn more about various web development topics or the industry at large? Check out of some these quick reads in your free time.

Design & Prototyping Softwares

Web design and prototyping is a topic outside the scope of this course, but it is still a very worthwhile skillset to develop if you have the time or interest. Below are some industry standard design softwares.

Colors & Gradients

Colors are pretty important in web design. Here are a couple of our favorite resources for finding just the right color. Bonus addition: gradients!


Just as important as color are fonts. Once again here are some of our favorite resources. (Google fonts is amazing just fyi).


Adding icons to your website can add an extra touch of professionalism. Here are a few libraries of premade icons.