• diff CSE 154 Style Guide (guidelines for internal correctness that we want you to follow on your homework)
  • diff Web Page Comparison Tool (helps you check whether your page looks like the expected output images)
  • diff JSLint (JavaScript syntax checker)
  • survey Grading Gripe Form (if you don't agree with the way your assignment was graded) - please use for CSE 154 only, not for 142/143 gripes

"I need help with my homework!"

  • There is probably someone in the WPL today, or maybe the instructor has office hours. If so, go see them.
  • Check the message board; your question may have been answered there.
  • Read the relevant chapters and sections of the textbook
  • Look at the in-class lecture examples.
  • Look at this week's section handout problems and their solutions.
  • Start early! We get swamped the day assignments are due.
  • Don't panic. You have late days, and even if you run out, it is only -1 point for each day late.
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