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Forbidden Features

Java has grown to be a complex language with many features. We don’t have time to teach all of these features in CSE 143, so we have a general rule that submitted work should only use language features and programming concepts taught in the course.

The following features should not be used in assessments.

  • return from a void method, break, continue.
  • try, catch, and annotations.
  • Java 8 features, such as lambdas, streams, and method references.
  • Java 11 features, such as local variable type inference.
  • toArray and clone.
  • StringBuilder, StringBuffer, StringJoiner, StringTokenizer, and the String methods toCharArray, join, and matches.
  • Arrays.asList, Arrays.copyOf, Arrays.copyOfRange, and Arrays.sort.
  • Collections.copy, Collections.sort.
  • LinkedHashMap.