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Computer Programming II, Autumn 2020

Solving programming problems with data structures

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Jun 17 Hello, world!

CSE 143 is in early access: information will not be finalized until October.

Welcome to CSE 143! We’re working hard to design a fun quarter beginning Wednesday, September 30. In the meantime, I’ll answer some frequently-asked questions.

What concepts and skills should I feel comfortable with before enrolling in this course?
The prerequisite for CSE 143 is CSE 142, which introduces procedural programming concepts such as methods and control flow. Make sure you feel comfortable with the following tasks.
  1. Study the CSE 142 Review Slides.
  2. Solve the following practice problems: flipLines, sameDashes, collapse, TimeSpan.
  3. Review past CSE 142 Exams.
How much time should I expect to put in to get the most out of the course?
This is a 5 credit course, so the weekly time commitment including all class meetings and homework is 15 hours per week. Some weeks, especially around holidays, will be lighter than others. On the other hand, some topics will take more time and practice before the concepts really start to make sense. And we know that students have many things going on in their lives. The course is designed to accommodate these needs as much as possible.
Do I need to purchase a textbook for this course?
No, the textbook for this course is completely optional. All of the course materials will be delivered through an online learning platform that’s purpose-built for computer science courses. Some students prefer having the textbook around for reference and notetaking.
What are the technology requirements for online instruction?
A laptop or desktop computer with an up-to-date web browser, a microphone, and an internet connection is required since most of the work in the class will be conducted over our online learning platform. The UW Student Technology Loan Program can help students access these technologies. While most of the work in this course will not require a webcam, particularly fast/reliable internet, or a quiet workspace, you’ll have a better experience in the course with these resources.


Week 1 Autocomplete

Sep 30

Welcome to CSE 143


Oct 1


Oct 2


BJP 9.5, 10.2

  1. Describe the relationships between client vs. implementer and interface vs. class.
  2. Define methods that accept instances of the same class as parameters.
  3. Define classes that implement public interfaces such as Comparable.

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