White Paper Final Papers

Title:Cyber Criminal Activity: Methods and Motivations
Students: Elijah Joshua Esquibel
Michael A. Laurenzano
Jing Xiao (James)
Ted Zuvich
Mentor: Geoff
File: CyberCriminalActivityFinalDraft.pdf

Title: Software Process
Eric Leonard
Chad Parry
Daryl Sterling Jr.
Charistel Ticong
Mentor: Jeff
File: Final.pdf

Title: US program to address nuclear terrorism threats: Surveillance of fissile materials and weapons at the US borders
Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez
Mentor: Ed
File: FinalReportElena.pdf

Title: Toward a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Technology
George WillCoxon
Avi Springer
Sean West
Mark Ihimoyan
Zaheer Maskatia
Mentor: Steve
File 1: NuclearTerrorPrevention.pdf
File 2: NuclearTerrorPrevention_AppendixA.pdf
File 3: NuclearTerrorPrevention_AppendixB.pdf

Title: Open Source Security
Imran Ali
Asad Jawahar
Osama Mazahir
Jared Smelser
Mentor: Jeff
File: OpenSource.pdf

Title: Is Open Source Software More Secure?
Russell Clarke
David Dorwin
Rob Nash
Mentor: Jeff
File: oss(10).pdf

Title: Privacy and Data
Parvez Anandam
Brenda Hernandez
Jessica Miller
Santeri Voutilainen
Vitaliy Zavesov
Mentor: Geoff
File: Privacy_and_Data.pdf

Title: Radical Islamism in Europe: Terrorism, Security & the Law
Students: Jason Fisher
Mentor: Steve
File 1: Radical Islam in Europe 1.2.pdf
File 2: Radical Islam in Europe 1.2 Bibliography.pdf

Title: Societal and Technological Aspects of Digital Rights Management
Brian McGuire
David Coleman
Mentor: Ed
File: Security & DRM - McGuire Coleman.pdf

Title: Software Vulnerabilities: Full-, Responsible-, and Non-Disclosure
Andrew Cencini
Kevin Yu
Tony Chan
Mentor: Ed
File: software_vulnerabilities_by_cencini_yu_chan.pdf

Title: Counter-Attacks for Cybersecurity Threats
Andrew Hoskins
Yi-Kai Liu
Anil Relkuntwar
Mentor: Ed
File: strikeback-report.pdf

Title: Cyber-Criminal Activity and Analysis
Students: Geoff
Nilkund Aseef
Pamela Davis
Manish Mittal
Khaled Sedky
Ahmed Tolba
File: team2-whitepaper.pdf

Title: Terrorist Financing
Justin Delacruz
Cameron Mckenzie
Ian Richardson
Katie Veazey
Mentor: Steve
File: Terrorist Financing Policy.pdf

Title: White Paper Proposal, The Interrogation-Torture (I-T) Matrix, A Guide to Determining Appropriate Usage of Interrogation and Torture Techniques
Adeel Iqbal
Trevor Nguyen
Alexander Randolph
Mentor: Steve
File: The Interrogation-Torture (I-T) Matrix - Final Paper (PDF) .pdf

Title: Interrogation and Torture
Barbra Ramos
Christopher DuPuis
Dennis Galvin
Eiman Zolfaghari
Sean David Cardeno
Mentor: Steve
File: torture_paper.pdf

Title: Computer Security and Rootkits
Jameel Alsalam
Somnath Banerjee
Grant Musick
Rares Saftoiu
Mentor: Geoff
File: whitepaper_rev12_final.pdf

Title: Cybercriminal Activity
Hemavathy Alaganandam
Pravin Mittal
Avichal Singh
Chris Fleizach
Mentor: Geoff
File: WhiteTeam-CyberCrime.pdf

Title: Security and Legal Implications of Wireless Networks, Protocols, and Devices
Jeff Bilger
Holly Cosand
Noor-E-Gagan Singh
Joe Xavier
Mentor: Jeff
File: WiFi - final.pdf

Title: Offense vs. Defense
Robert Anderson
Brian Lum
Bhavjit Walha
Mentor: Ed
File: OffenseVsDefense.pdf

Title: Cyber Security Laws and Policy Implications of these Laws
Josefina Valdez
Mentor: Ed
File: cybersecuirty project.pdf