Model Checking Links


     Indiana University's Formal Methods Education Resources
     Oxford University's Formal Methods Library

Research Groups

     UC Berkeley, "Design technology Warehouse"
     CMU, model checking
     IIT Bombay, Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software
     Microsoft Research, SLAM
     NASA Ames, Verification and Validation
     University of Colorado, VLSI/CAD group
     Stanford, Hardware Verification Group
     University of Utah, UV (Utah Verifier) Group

Model Checkers

     Bandera (Kansas State)
     Concurrency Workbench of the New Century (Stony Brook)
     HyTech (Berkeley)
     Java Pathfinder (Nasa Ames)
     Mocha (Berkeley)
     Moped (TU Muenchen)
     Murphi (Stanford)
     Protocol Verifier (PV) (Utah)
     SMC (UIC)
     Stochastic Model-checking Analyzer for Reliability and Timing (SMART) (William and Mary)
     SMV (Ken McMillan, Cadence)
     SMV (CMU)
     RuleBase (IBM)
     Spin (Bell Labs)
     Verisoft (Bell Labs)
     Vis (CU, Berkeley, Austin)


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