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CSEP 573 - Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Winter 2016
Thurs 6:30-9:20 in JHN 111
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Instructor: Luke Zettlemoyer (lsz at cs)
Office hours: After class
TA: Fereshteh Sadeghi (fsadeghi at cs)
Office hours: Thurs 5:30-6:30 in CSE614

Schedule [subject to change!]

Week Dates Topics & Lecture Notes Readings
1 Jan 7 Introduction; Search R&N, Ch. 1,2 (optional); R&N Ch.3.1-3.4
2 Jan 14 Heuristic Search; Adversarial Search R&N, Ch.3.5-3.7; 5.1-5.4
3 Jan 21 Expectimax; Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) R&N, Ch.5.5-5.7;17.1-17.3
4 Jan 28 MDPs (cont); Reinforcement Learning (RL) R&N, Ch.21.1- 21.5
5 Feb 4 RL (cont); Uncertainty R&N, Ch.13
6 Feb 11 Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) R&N, Ch.15.1
7 Feb 18 HMM (cont.); Bayesian Networks (BNs); R&N, Ch.15.1-15.3
8 Feb 25 BN (cont.); Inference in Bayesian Networks R&N, Ch.14.1-14.5
9 Mar 3 Machine Learning
10 Mar 10 Neural Networks, Vision Overview, Summary


Programming Projects

This quarter, we will do The Pac-Man Projects. Please complete the versions listed below, as they differ in places from the originals.



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