CSE P 505 Homework Assignments


MiniML evaluator Due 10/13
MiniML type inferencer Due 10/27
Formal Semantics Due 11/3
Self sets Due 12/8
Logic in Cecil Due 12/17

Late Policy

You can turn in a homework assignment one day (24 hours) late at a cost of 1/3 of the total points for the assignment, or two days late at a cost of 2/3 of the total points. In special circumstances (e.g. birth of a child!), I am willing to allow things to be a little late, without loss of credit.

You must arrange with us in advance if you wish to turn in an assignment later than the original due date and time.

The late policy is fairly strict for two reasons:

  1. to be fair to other students in class, and
  2. to be able to distribute sample solutions in a timely manner.