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CSE 591n: Configurable Computing Seminar
Winter, 2007
Applications, esp. Hyperspectral Image Processing

Tuesday 12:30-1:20 Allen 303


Jan 9 – Szymanski Advanced processing for high-bandwidth sensor systems”, Imaging Spectrometry VI, SPIE, 2000, 4132, 83-90

Jan 16 – Benjamin Ylvisaker presenting
Note, et al., "Real-Time Video Pixel Matching", FPL, 2006
Niitsuma and Maruyama, "Real-time Generation of Three-dimensional Motion Fields", FPLA, 2005


Jan 23 – Brian Van Essen presenting
Lavenier, D. FPGA Implementation of the KMeans Clustering Algorithm for Hyperspectral Images, SPIE, 2000
Gokhale, M.; et. al. Experience with a Hybrid Processor: K-Means Clustering, The Journal of Supercomputing, 2003


Jan 30 – Ken Eguro presenting
Zhang et al. Ziggurat-Based Hardware Gaussian Random Number Generator, FPL 2005


Feb 6 – Nathaniel presenting
Nordin et al. Design of FPGA ICA for hyperspectral imaging processing, SPIE, 2001


Feb 13 – Karl Meier presenting
Xanthopoulos et al. Architectural Exploration Using Verilog-Based Power Estimation, DAC 97


Feb 20 – No Meeting


Feb 27 – Benjamin Ylvisaker presenting
Park, et al. Modulo Graph Embedding: Mapping Applications onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures, CASES, 2006
Fan, et al. Increasing Hardware Efficiency with Multifunction Loop Accelerators, CODES+ISS, 2006


March 6 –


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