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CSE 591n: Configurable Computing Seminar
Spring 2007
Instructor: Carl Ebeling
Time: Friday 2:30-3:20
Place: Allen 503 (first meeting is in Allen 303 (3/30))

We will start out by reading some recent papers on models for programming hybrid systems, and then move on to looking at several applications and consider how to map them to coarse-grained configurable fabrics, possibly considering hybrid platforms.
The applications currently under consideration are: Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Matched Filters, FFT and Molecular Dynamics





March 30


Tredennick Guest Viewpoint: Embedded Systems and the Microprocessor ”, Microprocessor Report, April 24, 2000

April 6

Ray Bittner (MSR)

Overcoming Memory Latency And Enabling Parallelism With The Greedy CAM Architecture

April 13


David Brooks, et. al., "Wattch: A Framework for Architectural-Level Power Analysis and Optimizations", ISCA, 2000

Poon, K.; Wilton, S. and Yan, A. "A Detailed Power Model for Field Programmable Gate Arrays", TODAES, 2004

April 20


Andrews, D.; Niehaus, D.; Jidin, R.; Finley, M.; Peck, W.; Frisbie, M.; Ortiz, J.; Komp, E. & Ashenden, P.
Programming models for hybrid FPGA-CPU computational components: a missing link, IEEE Micro, 2004, 24, 42-53

April 27


Saint-Mleux, X.; Feeley, M. & David, J. SHard: a Scheme to Hardware Compiler, Proceedings of the 2006 Scheme and Functional Languages Workshop, 2006

May 4


Shaw, G.A. & Burke, H. Spectral Imaging for Remote Sensing, Lincoln Labs Journal, 2003, 14, 1-26

May 11


Smith, L. A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis, 2002

May 18


Prasanna, V.K. & Morris, G.R. Sparse Matrix Computations on Reconfigurable Hardware, Computer, 2007, 40, 58-64

May 25

Stephen, Brian

Buganim, S. & Rotman, S.R. Matched filters for multispectral point target detection, Imaging Spectrometry XI, SPIE, 2006

Manolakis, D.; Marden, D. & Shaw, G.A. Hyperspectral image processing for automatic target detection applications, Lincoln Laboratory Journal, 2003, 14, 79-116

June 1


Molecular Dynamics?


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