590g - Computer Architecture Reading Seminar

Held in CSE 203, Tuesdays @ 12:30

Since we have read ahead of ourselves of current literature in computer architecture, we have decided to try something different this quarter. We are going to focus on the life work of one person. The person selected is James E. Smith. The papers for this quarter are:
Apr 6thAndrew Putnam 1978, Fault Secure Multiple Valued Logic Networks
Apr 13thDouglas 1981, A Study of Branch Prediction Strategies
Apr 20thSteve 1982, Decoupled Access Execute Computer Architectures
Apr 27thAndrew Schwerin 1984, Instruction Issue Logic for Pipelined Supercomputers
May 4thAndrew Petersen 1985, Implementation of Precise Interrupts in Pipelined Processors
May 11thLucas 1990, Future General Purpose Supercomputer Architectures
May 18thCharlie 1994, PowerPC601 and Alpha21064 A Tale of Two RISCs
May 25thSam 1996, Trace Cache a Low Latency Approach to High Bandwidth Instruction Fetching
Jun 1stMartha & Mike 1997, Complexity Effective SuperScalar Processors